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We provide quality home services throughout Fort Mill and York County. Hundreds of homeowners have put their trust in us and you can too!

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Fort Mill Custom Closets – affordable, yet sophisticated solutions for home storage, walk-in closets, and organization.

We’re a local, family-run business and everybody who works for you is an employee of Fort Mill Handyman, we don’t employ inexperienced temporary contractors who don’t know our products.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective but elegant design for a walk-in closet, a mudroom, a home office, or a family room, we can help.

Whether it’s a Custom Design Walk-in Closet or Help Organizing the Garage, Fort Mill Handyman can help you with a Custom Fit Solution

When you make an inquiry we commit to replying inside 12 hours.

The initial in home consultation will be precisely that, a consultation. We’ll listen to what you want and then help you to decide if that is the best solution for your needs. A custom fitted closet or office needs to be that, a custom design and a custom size to your space.Colours and materials are obviously a key part of the entire process. We work with your décor and design ideas but will happily offer guidance where you need the help. This part of the process is totally collaborative.​​From there we design a solution and present a CAD image that will show you how it will look when it’s finished and of course, a price. If you have the time we can show this to you before we leave that initial consultation. We will also bring samples of materials so that you can find out firsthand how it looks and have a very clear idea of what that space will look like when we’ve finished the job

We don’t offer a Lowe’s garage storage solution or an Ikea walk in closet. Honestly, these are incredibly inexpensive solutions but they aren’t custom and unfortunately, you’ll get the quality, durability, aesthetics and design that you didn’t pay for.

We offer a level of quality that these cheaper alternatives don’t.  And we stand behind our workmanship and our materials with a guarantee.

Fort Mill Handyman Custom Closets is more than Walk-in Closets – we offer beautiful organization solutions for your Home Office, Mud Room, Laundry, Family/Media Room, Murphy Beds, the Garage — we even do garage floors!

Walk-in Closets

Closet design is the largest part of our business. Walk-in closets can be customized for him or her and we recognize the differences. We can also accommodate individual tastes and needs beyond clothing to accessories and additional storage requirements.
Space is always a challenge, that’s probably why you reached out to us. We offer all kinds of walk-in closet systems and it’s important to remember that small walk-in closets are not our enemy, they’re just a different kind of challenge.  

Home Office

It is estimated that anywhere from 37% to 45% of the workforce works from home at least part of the time. While many of our customized organizational and storage solutions can be viewed as discretionary purchases, a well-designed home office is a productivity tool.
We can help you move your home office off the dining room table or we can help you to optimize the space in another room or obviously, better yet, if you have a dedicated home office. You will be amazed by the home office ideas that we can offer to you.   ​

Mud Room

Let’s see, it’s called a mudroom, the kids use it the most, what can go wrong? Let us show you how to make it right. Custom cabinets, custom drawers, fitted to the available space because unlike many other spaces in your house, this is a traffic area so more than many other parts of the house it needs to be kept organized.  ​

​Laundry Room

For many households, the laundry room is home to some of the worst smells in the house, all compliments of children’s sports activities or festering dirty wet laundry. We can’t help you with that, that’s your problem. However, we can create storage solutions that will encourage people to put that laundry somewhere safe like the washing machine. Organizational solutions offer organized spaces that stay organized. Without organization you have chaos. Ask us nicely and we’ll bring a can of air freshener as well.  

Family Room/Media Room

Books, magazines, DVDs, remember vinyl? We have even built a custom storage solution for VHS tapes. Typically families want the media highly available and visible but not on display, the display tends to be the fireplace or tv, our storage and design ideas will organize the media to showcase the media.  ​

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds, wall beds, roll up beds, we’ve heard all the terms. Murphy beds are trademarked and patented and are easily the best solution if you are looking for a hideaway bed. But they’re not cheap. But they are durable, that’s why they’re the best. Don’t be tempted by cheap alternatives, we spend a lot of time with customers who regret buying the cheaper alternative and need to have it replaced. Strangely enough the cheap alternatives last just past the warranty period.

Murphy beds are ideal to create space. Whether it be the need for an occasional spare bedroom or to create space is a small condo apartment, the almost 40 square feet of real estate that a bed takes up can be critical.  

The Garage

One in four households say that they can’t park in their garage despite 82% of homes having double car garages. Our garage storage solutions offer unique shelving that can accommodate bike storage, tool storage as well as work areas. Garage cabinets are an incredibly space efficient solution and our overhead garage storage solutions are strong enough to support the heavy duty use that is demanded.

We strive to keep as much as possible off the floor and can easily accommodate personalized work areas if you need it.  ​Click here for more information.

The Garage Floor

Whether the garage has become an extension of the living space (think man-cave) or a showcase for some of the tools and toys that aren’t allowed in the house or is just plain filthy dirty and stained, we can help. Our epoxy floors are durable and guaranteed for 10 years. If you have been looking for alternatives you should feel free to call our competitors and ask them to give you their epoxy garage floor. But please keep our number, you’ll need it when you want the job done properly. The floor provides grip and traction and offers a garage flooring solution that is second to none.  ​